10th Grade College Planning

With one year of High School behind you, you may be ready to start looking a little more towards the future, but you still have a lot of schooling ahead, so the most important thing is to continue investing in your Lake Mary Preparatory School experience. Towards that goal, continue to challenge yourself with rigorous courses, and work hard to earn the best grades that you can. Continue the extracurricular activities you started as a Freshman even as you explore new interests. If possible, seek leadership opportunities. Just as you did in ninth-grade, get to know your teachers. One of your Sophomore year teachers may end up writing a letter of recommendation for you when you apply to college.


  • In October, the students take the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). When you fill out your test sheet, check the box that releases your name to colleges so you can start receiving brochures.
  • Become familiar with general college entrance requirements.


  • Discuss your PSAT score with your advisor and the college counselor.
  • Get involved in activities outside the classroom. The people who read college applications aren’t looking just for grades. Work toward leadership positions in the activities that you like best. Become involved in community service and other volunteer activities.
  • Read, read, read. Read as many books as possible from a comprehensive reading list.
  • Work on your writing skills—you’ll need them no matter what you do.


  • Keep your grades up so you work on getting the highest GPA you can achieve.
  • Ask your counselor about postsecondary enrollment options and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
  • Continue to explore interests and careers that you think you might like.
  • Begin zeroing in on the type of college you would prefer (two-year or four-year, small or large, rural or urban).
  • If you are interested in attending a military academy, such as West Point, now is the time to start gathering information.
  • Write to colleges and ask for their academic requirements for admission.
  • Visit a few more college campuses. Read all of the mail you receive from colleges. You may see something you like.
  • Attend college fairs.
  • Keep putting money away for college. Get a summer job.

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