9th Grade College Planning

Ninth Grade is the beginning of your Upper School experience. College applications are a long way off, but there are some things you should be thinking about as you lay the foundation for a successful Lake Mary Preparatory School experience that will lead to a rewarding college application process.

Investing in LMP

Ninth Grade students should look for ways to form a happy foundation for a great Lake Mary Preparatory School experience and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities available to you here.

One of Lake Mary Preparatory School's strengths is its faculty, so get to know your teachers. They can become mentors, advisors, advocates, and even friends. Do not be afraid to ask your teachers how to be successful in their classes.

You can also invest in your Lake Mary Preparatory School experience by getting involved in activities. Freshman year is a great time to try a lot of things and discover what you like, whether it's athletics, music, service, or clubs. Seek out leadership roles. If you find things to do that you like, you will look forward to school each day and your ability to succeed, even excel in academics and extracurricular life will come more naturally.


It's true - colleges do look at Ninth Grade curriculum and grades. Start now to cultivate the study habits that will help you be successful. If you are struggling in a class, seek out help from your advisor and teachers. Your future test scores will be higher if you start cultivating good habits now.

Read. Read for pleasure. Not only is it entertaining, but it will make you a more interesting person. The more you read, the stronger your vocabulary and reading comprehension will become.

Write. Keep a journal, send letters to your grandmother, write emails to friends from camp, or write poetry--just practice putting words on paper. Never call yourself a poor writer. Tell yourself, "I want to improve my writing."


Think about summer activities. First, be a kid; take a break and set aside time to play. But also think about programs you would like to do in the summer: camp, sports, travel, volunteer, or enrichment programs. The College Counseling Office has a filing cabinet full of summer program resources. Come by any time and take a look. Summer is the perfect time to invest in activities that you may build upon in your high school years.

  • Get off to a good start with your grades. The grades you earn in Ninth Grade will be included in your final high school GPA.
  • College might seem a long way away, but grades really do count toward college admission and scholarships.
  • Explore your interests and possible careers.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities (both school and non-school sponsored).
  • Talk to your parents about planning for college expenses. Continue or begin a savings plan for college.
  • Look at the college information available in your counselor’s office. Use the Internet to check out college websites.
  • Tour a nearby college, if possible. Visit relatives or friends who live on or near a college campus. Check out the dorms, go to the library or student center, and get a feel for college life.
  • Investigate summer enrichment programs.



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