About Middle School

Middle school students and families choose Lake Mary Preparatory School because of its uniquely personalized experience for each student so that they can reach their highest potential academically, socially, athletically in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Middle School students are encouraged to think globally by becoming involved in clubs like Student Government, National Junior Honor Society, Thespians, Chess Club, Tinkers and Coders Club, Debate Team, Writing Club, Jazz Band, and many other extracurricular opportunities to grow individually and cooperatively.

Technology is an integral part of every classroom at Lake Mary Preparatory School. Experientially, Middle School students experience technology not only as a class but individually as well. That experience will take place in ways that stimulate the various learner styles in conjunction with the school’s overall curriculum plan. 

Lake Mary Preparatory School's approach to defining and educating our Digitally Native students is fully integrated into our curriculum through the use of school-issued iPads. To accomplish this, Middle School students at Lake Mary Preparatory School will use iPads and online resources while learning to access, analyze, evaluate and create content, functioning at higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. 

Academic Levels

Our Middle School focuses on critical thinking, critical analysis and writing across the curriculum, as supported by the ERB, National and Sunshine State Standards.

Lake Mary Preparatory School offers two levels, standard or honors, in all of our core classes: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Writing. Both of our Standard and Honors Programs are academically rigorous and demand our students fully apply themselves in content and character. However, the Honors Program is committed to preparing students for advanced and AP course work beginning in Ninth Grade and moves at a faster pace.


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