Middle School Advisory Program

​At Lake Mary Preparatory School, we believe that advisory classes and character development are both important aspects of adolescent’s social and emotional development. Due to the strong belief, we require our Middle School students to participate in weekly advisory classes. These classes, held weekly, follow a written curriculum and focus on the character development of our students. What sets Lake Mary Preparatory School apart from other schools, is the one on one support we offer our students both academically and socially. This support comes from our teachers and administrators. Our advisory class environment, which is informal, fosters these student-faculty relationships.

Lake Mary Preparatory School's unique personalized learning plans are a primary focus in our advisory program and allow our teachers to meet individual student needs, develop strengths, focus on growth opportunities and encourages students to take ownership of their education. Each semester students lead a parent conference with their advisor, where they express their academic and extra-curricular goals.

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Lake Mary Prep's diversity has allowed me to make friends from all over the globe. These friendships have opened my eyes to all different cultures and traditions. I am able to appreciate my friendships with others more so now because I have been exposed to their way of life.

Julia Gorman Freshman, 11 Yrs at LMP

LMP has pushed me academically to take challenging classes and join extra-curricular activities. This has taught me time management and has helped me discover my passions like math, soccer and Key Club.

Eric Pawlowski Freshman, 10 Yrs at LMP

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