Middle School Field Trips

In addition to our rigorous, all-encompassing academic program, we offer our Middle School students these opportunities to further enhance the curriculum as our students grow into successful young adults.

SIXTH GRADE - Pathfinder Trip  (Trip Itinerary & Travel release Forms)
During this three-day, two-night program our Sixth Grade students study Florida’s ecology and their relationship with the natural environment. Students take part in multiple activities designed to increase critical thinking and ability to make healthy choices, strengthen bonds of friendships, trust, and mutual respect, learn conflict resolution, appreciate diversity, stimulate responsibility and positive self-esteem. They enjoy a variety of hands-on experiences like campfire circles, nature trails, and playing fields are some of the features included in this trip.

SEVENTH GRADE - Busch Gardens Trip (Trip Itinerary & Travel release Forms)

This four-day, three-night trip provides students with an opportunity to investigate the mysteries of the animal kingdom! Students will get an inside look of what it takes to run a premier zoo and will have unforgettable, up-close experiences with animals such as giraffes, antelopes, flamingos, and more! Students will learn directly from the animal care experts as they explore different habitats around the park. There is time built in each day for exciting rides and meals at some of the most popular restaurants in the park. Students will stay at the onsite dormitory in Busch Gardens, Mzinga Lodge.

EIGHTH GRADE - Washington, DC Trip (Trip Itinerary & Travel release Forms)

In partnership with Close Up, LMP’s History department has created a customized trip that utilizes Washington, DC as a living classroom to explore our democracy. On this four-day, three-night trip, students will visit the National Archives, Smithsonian Museums, Mount Vernon, and several memorials and monuments. Students will also participate in a debate with policymakers that represent both a liberal and conservative perspective. Our unique experience includes a day on Capitol Hill where students will have a complete tour, participate in the Vote Program, and also have the amazing opportunity to meet with members of Congress. A day-trip to Philadelphia will include visits to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the National Constitution Center.

6th Grade - Cedarkirk Trip
7th Grade - Trip to Disney's Youth Educational Services
8th Grade - Virginia Trip

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