Global Education

Each student experiences years of collaboration with peers from around the world, and that’s part of why your child will stand out on college applications, and be prepared to succeed in our increasingly borderless world.

When you graduate from Lake Mary Preparatory School, you graduate as a global citizen. 

With students representing more than 40 countries, our diverse community offers a warm and welcoming environment within one of the fastest-growing hubs of business and culture in the United States, where cross-cultural friendships and digital connectedness across continents is the norm.

Lake Mary Preparatory School offers students incredible global educational experiences and connects classrooms with other schools across the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

If you’d like to see examples of our personalized approach at your child’s grade level, please see our resources for early childhood academics, lower school academics, middle school academics, or high school academics.

Strategic Integration Toward Successful Outcomes

Implemented within the innovative and effective framework of your child’s personalized learning plan, is our focus on global education and rigorous academics that strengthens your child’s successful Lake Mary Preparatory School experience.

Interested in Attending at LMP?

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