Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

The primary purpose of technology at Lake Mary Preparatory School is to enhance and support the school’s educational programs. Information systems used at Lake Mary Preparatory School must be used in a manner that is consistent with the school’s core values and Academic Platform. The use of Lake Mary Preparatory School’s technology is a privilege, not a right. Everyone using Lake Mary Preparatory School’s network is expected to act in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation while adhering to the regulations and guidelines set forth in the latest version of this document.

The following actions (which are not inclusive) constitute unacceptable use of the Internet at LMP:

  • Placing unlawful information on the Internet
  • Using abusive, or otherwise objectionable language in either public or private messages (Cyberbullying)
  • Using the Internet illegally in ways that violate federal, state, or local laws or statutes
  • Using the Internet at school for activities non-LMP related activities without express permission
  • Sending messages that are likely to result in loss of the recipient’s work or systems
  • Sending chain letters or pyramid schemes to lists or individuals, and any other types of use which would cause congestion on the Internet or otherwise interfere with the work of others
  • Using the Internet for non-LMP related commercial purposes
  • Using the Internet for political lobbying or personal advertising purposes
  • Sending or receiving copyrighted materials without permission
  • Using another person’s password with or without permission
  • Using Internet access for sending, retrieving, or otherwise accessing profane, pornographic, violent, discriminating, or illicit material, inappropriate text or graphic files, or files dangerous to the integrity of the network
  • Using Internet access to post private information about others, engaging in personal attacks, or being disrespectful of other individuals, schools, or cultures
  • Circumventing the security measures of LMP remote computer or networks
  • Attempting to gain access to another student’s resources, programs, or data
  • Discrediting anyone's reputation or harassing others while using the Internet (Cyberbullying)
  • Changing any computer files that do not belong to the user
  • Forging email header information or attempting to impersonate another person
  • Installing or distributing unlicensed or "pirated" software
  • Texting, emailing, or any type of personal messaging are not permitted unless approved by a faculty member, or in the event of an emergency

Any violation of this policy may result in the loss of school-provided access to the Internet. Additional disciplinary action may be exacted in keeping with existing policies regarding inappropriate language or behavior. LMP makes no warranties of any kind, neither expressed nor implied, for the Internet access it is providing. The school will not be responsible for any damage users suffer, including--but not limited to--loss of data resulting from delays or interruptions in service. The school will not be responsible for the accuracy, nature, or quality of information gathered through school-provided Internet access. The school will not be responsible for personal property used to access school computers or networks or for school-provided Internet access. LMP knows it is possible to purchase certain goods and services via the Internet that could result in unwanted financial obligations for which a student's parent or guardian would be liable. The school will not be responsible for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from school-provided access to the Internet.

The School reserves the right to monitor all use on the network. Storage areas on the computers, network, and Google Apps for Education will be treated in the same manner as other school-owned storage areas; school administrators reserve the right to inspect these areas to ensure proper use. Users should not expect the information kept in those areas to be private, nor can the school guarantee the integrity or backup of those files. The Acceptable Use Policy includes the misuse of the Internet in school and, when related to any facet of the LMP community, out of school. Slander/disrespect toward anyone in the LMP community will result in disciplinary action.

Social Media Guidelines

Misuse of social media by any LMP student that is inappropriate or causes undue hardship on Lake Mary Preparatory School, its students, its employees, or its owners, may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.  

When a substantial disruption is created on campus due to an incident involving social media and students or faculty, LMP will investigate electronic communication created, sent, displayed, or received on or off the LMP campus. Therefore, it is with extreme importance that Lake Mary Preparatory School Administration recommends the following guidelines for LMP students:

  1. Never forget the “Golden Rule.” If you would not feel comfortable expressing your thoughts directly to someone, you should not post those thoughts or comments in a social media forum, email, or text message. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

  2. Think twice before you post a comment. Would you want your family, friends, and/or peers to see what you’ve posted or said?

  3. Remember, what you believe to be a “private” conversation can quickly go viral and can remain in cyberspace permanently. Even posts by an “anonymous” name or pseudonym can often be traced back to your computer, phone, or mobile device.

  4. Use caution when exaggerating, being sarcastic, or attempting to be humorous. It is difficult for readers to interpret true meaning from typed words.

  5. Be aware of unintended consequences. You can control your actions, but you cannot control your consequences.

  6. As stated in the Discipline Policy, if any forms of harassment or threats are made toward Lake Mary Preparatory School, its faculty, staff, students, or families via social networking sites, disciplinary action up to and including expulsion may be warranted.

  7. Do not misrepresent yourself by using someone else's identity.

  8. Users should keep their passwords secure and never share passwords with others. If someone tampers with your blog, email, or social networking account without you knowing about it, you could be held accountable.

  9. Use of LMP logos or images on your personal social networking sites is prohibited. If you wish to promote a specific LMP activity or event, you may do so only by means of a link to the official LMP Facebook account, Twitter account, or YouTube channel.

Google Apps for Education

To encourage the use of 21st Century Learning skills and increase communication and collaboration among students and teachers, Lake Mary Preparatory School will be utilizing Google Apps for Education (GAFE) beginning in the 2015­-16 school year for all students in grades 2 through 12.

GAFE is an online suite of applications designed for schools, which includes:

  • Mail - an email account for school use managed by Lake Mary Preparatory School. Google Mail accounts will only be provided for students in grades six through twelve.

  • Calendar - a calendar providing the ability to organize schedules, daily activities, and assignments

  • Apps - word processing, spreadsheet, drawing, and presentation tools similar to Microsoft Office

  • Google Chat/Hangouts - this feature will not be available to students

Expectations of Students:
Students and teachers will have access to Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Sites. Students are not permitted to use the Google Chat/Hangouts features.

Students will have Google accounts to allow email and storage of their documents and presentations online. All stored work will be accessible from home, school, and anywhere there is an Internet connection.

In addition, LMP has created email accounts for students to allow for collaborative sharing using Google Apps for Education. These email accounts will be used at school for school-related projects, communication with peers for school-related purposes, and communication with teachers. Google Apps is a place for students to safely keep online communication and collaboration documents as they relate to school – school websites, school documents, school videos, school calendars, school email. LMP Google Apps for Education are not intended for personal use.

Student use of the GAFE system follows the expectations outlined in the school Acceptable Use Policy and Student Handbook. Although the GAFE resources may be accessed outside of school, any use of the account on Lake Mary Preparatory School Domain is bound by the same rules and guidelines as those resources accessed on school property. It must always be used for educational purposes, just as if the student were in school.

Students are responsible for their behavior and communications in online environments, such as GAFE. It is presumed that users will comply with school standards and will honor the agreements they have signed. The online learning environment storage areas may be treated like school lockers. System administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are using the system responsibly. Users should not expect that files stored in the online learning environment will be private. Users should not use online learning environment resources to store any files that are not educational.

Copyrighted material that is not cited in any student work will be deemed to be plagiarism and disciplined accordingly. Student users are strictly prohibited from accessing documents other than their own unless documents have been shared with them.


Students may not post personal contact information about themselves or other people, including last names, addresses, and phone numbers. Students agree not to meet with someone they have met online without their parent’s approval and participation. Students will tell their teacher or other school employees about any message they receive that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable. Students are responsible for the use of their individual accounts and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use their account. Under no conditions should a user provide his or her password to another person.

Expectations of School:
GAFE student accounts will be managed based on requirements for use in classes. Internet safety and digital citizenship education will be included in the student curriculum. In school, teacher supervision and school content filters are used to prevent access to inappropriate content and to ensure that student use of digital technology follows the school’s Acceptable Use Policy. Student accounts can be accessed by domain administrators at any time.

Students will adhere to the LMP Acceptable Use Policy. All participants will be respectful in their postings and comments. No cyberbullying, inappropriate language, personal insults, profanity, spam, racist, sexist or discriminatory remarks, or threatening comments will be tolerated.

All participants must protect their login and password information. If participants suspect that a password has been compromised, they must notify their teacher immediately. No participant may share his/her login information or information about the site with anyone who is not a participant. This includes adding monitoring software or other means by which outsiders can access the site without permission. Any participant who is aware of violations of this agreement by others must report these violations to his/her teacher immediately, either verbally or in writing.

Access Restriction - Due Process:
Access to Google Apps for Education is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of the school. LMP maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of GAFE when there is a reason to believe that violations of law or LMP policies have occurred. In such cases, the alleged violation will be referred to the school’s administration for further investigation and account restoration, suspension, or termination. LMP cannot and does not guarantee the security of electronic files used in Google Apps for Education. Google does have a content filter; however, the district cannot ensure that users will not be exposed to unsolicited information.

As a part of the agreement with Google, Lake Mary Preparatory School also reserves the right to immediately suspend any user account suspected of inappropriate use.  Pending review, a user account may be terminated as part of such action.

From Google:
“Google Apps is governed by a detailed Privacy Policy, which ensures we will not inappropriately share or use personal information placed in our systems. Google complies with applicable US privacy law, and the Google Apps Terms of Service can specifically detail our obligations and compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regulations. Google is registered with the US­EU Safe Harbor agreement, which helps ensure that our data protection compliance meets European Union standards for educational institutions.”

Google Apps for Education Common Questions

Failure to comply with these acceptable use policies may result in any or all of the following:

  1. the suspension or withdrawal of computer, network, and Internet privileges

  2. disciplinary action

  3. financial responsibility for any damage done to the school’s resources, including the financial responsibility for a consultant’s time to analyze and repair any such damage


Laptop Computer Specifications     

Due to the high level of integration of technology into our classrooms and curriculum, students in grades six and above are required to have laptops. In general, a student is expected to come to campus with a functioning laptop capable of accessing the Internet and prepared to open and send out files compatible with Microsoft Office. Please view the Bring Your Own Device Flyer for more information. 

Technology User’s Code of Ethics

As a computer user at LMP all students are agreeing to follow the Code of Ethics:

I understand and agree that the primary purpose of my having a computer at school is for it to be used as a tool to extend my overall learning experience at LMP.  I understand that the school makes all decisions relating to technology standards, use, and policy with this goal in mind.  The Acceptable Use Policies are meant to provide clear guidelines regarding the appropriate use and security of laptop computers on campus.

I understand that the use of a computer at school is a privilege, one that I may lose if I violate this code of conduct. If I lose my computer privileges I will still be responsible for all school assignments.  In addition, my teachers will not make special accommodations for me if I lose my privileges.

I understand that my computer will be operating on the LMP network and must adhere to the following technical standards:

  • My computer must meet the “Laptop Computer Specifications” contained in this document.

  • My computer must be maintained in working order.

  • I must not load 3rd party programs that conflict with school required programs, specifically additional firewalls.

I understand that I am solely responsible for my data.  LMP is not responsible for the loss of any data on my computer from any cause.  This includes software programs, music, pictures, etc.  I am responsible for backing up all of my data. LMP is not responsible for any data loss.  In addition, I understand that technical issues with my computer are not an excuse for missed assignments.

I understand that accessing chat rooms, instant messaging and community websites for non-academic purposes while at school is strictly prohibited.  At all other times, these sites need to be used with my parent’s awareness and permission.

I will not use the computer inappropriately – specifically, but not limited to:

  • Disrespectful communications of any kind to other students, parents, or teachers

  • The use of inappropriate language

  • Using the computer to disturb, intimidate, bully or otherwise harass anyone

  • Playing games, listening to music or videos during the school day except as part of an assigned, in-class activity

I will not attempt unauthorized access to any other computer or data belonging to someone else through any means.  I will not impersonate any other user or misrepresent myself in any way.  This includes trying to hide my identity or to get around Internet filtering by using any “Public or Anonymous Proxy” site.

I understand that copyright laws protect nearly all software, music, and video.  Students are not permitted to download or use software, music, or video in violation of the owner’s copyright while at LMP.

I understand that peer-to-peer file-sharing programs such as Limewire, Bearshare, BitComet, Kazza, etc. are not permitted at LMP at any time.

I understand that LMP provides Internet access for educational purposes.  The Internet offers access to information that is inappropriate (ex; pornographic materials, vulgarity, gambling, militant/extremist material, etc.).  Students are strictly prohibited from accessing, storing, or displaying any information of this sort or participating in any other illegal activity.

I understand that violation of the LMP Technology User’s Code of Ethics will result in disciplinary action.  This may include suspension of privileges, suspension from school, or expulsion at the discretion of the Headmaster.


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