Student Profile

Collaborative - Listens, leads, and works collaboratively with diverse team members to solve problems locally and globally, gives and receives effective feedback, and accepts group outcomes. 

Communicative - Adapts to the needs of a diverse audience by speaking and writing clearly, actively listening, resolving conflict peacefully, and embracing responsibility for a personal digital footprint.

Content Knowledgeable - Mastery of high-level curriculum and academic skills with an ability to effectively apply knowledge and make real-world connections.

Critical Thinker - Inquisitive, analytical, and flexible approach to learning by implementing solutions to complex problems and thoughtfully analyzing outcomes. 

Creative/Innovative - Forward thinkers with a vision for the future that are passionate about exploring multiple possibilities, motivated by creative ideas, and eager to seize new opportunities.

Confident/Character Driven - Leads with confidence, is motivated and self-aware, exhibits discipline and responsibility, makes informed choices in consideration of personal balance and positive community growth. 

Culturally Competent - A globally-minded, lifelong learner that impacts the community in a positive manner with empathy, sensitivity, and respect while embracing diversity and seeking cultural depth.

Conscious of Balance - Implements a healthy lifestyle and incorporates a well-rounded approach to their non-academic time.


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