Upper School

Students in the Upper School at Lake Mary Preparatory School are challenged by rigorous courses and dedicated faculty and enjoy unrivaled individualized attention. The Upper School curriculum prepares students to apply for and attend their top choice colleges and universities. 
The Upper School offers several academic levels including Honors and Advanced Placement courses. Students and faculty work closely in and out of the classroom.  The Advisory Program allows for a more personalized learning environment.  Students graduate from Lake Mary Preparatory School and it is these relationships that help personalize the students' experience, thus creating a strong alumni network.

Lake Mary Preparatory students achieve exceptional outcomes and are accepted at their top-choice universities, such as: Princeton University, University of California Los Angeles, Columbia University, Harvard University, Boston College, Emory University, Davidson College, Pepperdine University, University of Notre Dame, College of William and Mary, and the University of Florida.

Students at Lake Mary Preparatory Upper School have the opportunity to participate in standards, honors, and Advanced Placement courses. Students need 26 credits to graduate, but the majority of students graduate with over 30 credits. Over the past few years, students have begun to undertake more Science and Mathematics courses. LMP also offers AP Physics C and Solar Engineering to complement the needs of our future engineers.


Nationally standardized tests such as the MAP, SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement tests help to ensure that our upper school students are achieving their potential in relation to peers across the country and around the world.

The Curriculum Guide is the student’s first resource for making wise course choices. In addition to this guide, students will meet with their advisor to begin the course selection process. Students and parents may also consult with a team of administrators, faculty and the College Counselor who are ready to help choose the courses for each student’s high school career.

As a reminder, the online version of this our Curriculum Guide is updated frequently. Course offerings are subject to change based on staffing availability and student interest.

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Lake Mary Prep has been a decisive factor in shaping who I am today. The tight knit students and teachers that form the community of LMP are all unwavering in their support in everything I do. Even as a small school, it has provided me all the opportunities to flourish in both academics and in sports.

Andrew Huang Sophomore, 2 Yrs at LMP

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