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An education at Lake Mary Preparatory School may be the most important investment a family can make in its child's future. We understand the financial burden such costs may place on families.

Lake Mary Preparatory School is a diverse community of students with individual interests, talents, and backgrounds. No qualified student should allow financial circumstances to deter him or her from applying to Lake Mary Preparatory School. Our private school financial aid program was established to enroll highly qualified students who otherwise would not be able to attend Lake Mary Preparatory School due to financial reasons. Lake Mary Preparatory School believes the primary responsibility for Lake Mary Prep tuition rests with the family, and each family is expected to look to its own resources before requesting aid.

Lake Mary Preparatory School offers need-based financial aid to qualified families. To objectively determine each family’s need for aid, we use an independent school management program, TADS. TADS provide the school with a detailed analysis including a recommendation of how much a family could reasonably contribute toward tuition. TADS does not determine whether financial assistance will be given or how much to give; TADS does provide a need-based financial aid analysis service. The TADS report is taken into consideration and reviewed by the financial aid committee. All information from TADS is kept confidential.

For new families applying for financial assistance, a complete admissions application must be on file with the Admissions Office to be considered for financial assistance.

In order to receive financial assistance, candidates must:

  • Have a solid academic record with at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Have strong character and integrity
  • Current families must be in good financial standings with Lake Mary Preparatory School Business Office
  • Be involved in activities outside the classroom

Please be aware that funds for financial aid are limited. To apply online, simply click on the TADS link.

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Financial Assistance and State of Florida Scholarship Information

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McKay Scholarships
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The Gardiner Scholarship
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AAA Scholarship

HOPE Scholarship

Family Empowerment Scholarship

All TADS applications must be submitted within 7 days of the admissions application. The file must be in 'good' standing within 3 weeks from the submission of the TADS application date.  Should these parameters not be met, your financial aid eligibility may be in jeopardy. 


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