International Student Mentor Program

The International Student Mentor Program is an online mentoring community designed to help incoming first-year international boarding students adjust to life at LMP by matching students with a trained mentor.

What is Mentor Collective at Lake Mary Prep?  

Mentor Collective is a national online mentoring community.

LMP is one of many schools to partner with Mentor Collective to provide support within the community through mentorship.

Mentor Collective matches incoming LMP students with a trained mentor based on common interests, background, and academics.

Mentors are highly qualified LMP upperclassmen and alumni.

If you have logistical questions at any point during your mentorship, feel free to email Becky Reuse at

What are the expectations for a Mentor Collective mentorship?

MC mentorships involve meeting at least once per month, usually via video chat is the mentorship program’s online home base, where mentors and mentees can…

  • Access discussion guides for each session

  • Share insights on the mentee’s academic and individual concerns

What are other MC mentees saying about the experience?

An expert friend before even arriving on campus: “It felt good to talk to someone and get to know the place that'll be your home for the next 4 years!” - Aradhya

Real-life examples of how to be successful at school and answers to important questions: “[My mentor] is the type of person that is easy to talk to. He answered all my questions with examples of his friends, which was a bonus for me.” - Bruno

A role-model who really gets to know you and helps you reach your goals: “We talked quite a bit about who we are and what we hope to accomplish with our lives.” - Victoria

How can students get matched with a mentor and get started?

Once you submit your deposit you will receive information from LMP about several important next steps, including directions to register for the mentor program

Haven’t received this information or want to learn more? Contact  

Interested in Attending at LMP?

If you’re interested in learning more about Lake Mary Preparatory School and the enrollment process, we encourage you to request more information using the form below, so we may help guide you in your decision-making process or click here to see our overview of the admissions process.

University Hall Information:

48,000 sq.ft. Dormitory located on 12 acres

114 Student Capacity

24-hour security provided by a private firm

Wi-Fi Campus

Bus Service & Transportation Provided

 Boarding Amenities:

Boys & Girls Lounges

TV Common Lounges

Game Rooms

Dining Hall 

Study Rooms

Group Project Rooms

Art Room

Workout Gym

Basketball Courts

Volleyball Sand Pit


Interior & Exterior Courtyards

Dorm Parents

Tennis Courts

Medical Clinic

Close proximity to shopping centers

Music Practice Room

Fully Staffed and Stocked Kitchen

Grab and Go Meals

Gender-Specific Student Kitchenettes

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