The Lake Mary Preparatory School Difference

Critical Thinkers, Confident Learners

At Lake Mary Preparatory School, our goal is to ignite the full academic potential of every student. We use a whole-child approach to learning that promotes intellectual, emotional and social growth while emphasizing problem-solving, critical thinking, and higher-order reasoning. This approach engages students in their own development and encourages them to take ownership of their decisions and actions.

Prepared to Succeed in the Finest Colleges and Universities

Our comprehensive academic plan focuses on proven educational practices that foster academic success and create life-changing opportunities. Our plan includes:

  • Foundational teaching protocols, including essential questions, vocabulary and daily assessments
  • Differentiated instruction, with students divided into small groups according to their abilities and receiving tailored instruction
  • Emphasis on writing mastery, problem-solving, critical thinking and higher-order reasoning
  • Providing continued growth opportunities
  • Measurement of each student’s academic growth
  • Consistent feedback and collaboration with parents

As a result of this outcome-oriented approach, students are prepared for entry into their top choice college or university and equipped for success in the 21st century.

Compassionate and Engaged World Citizens

Our students are part of a global learning community that includes peers and teachers from around the world. They take part in exciting international opportunities, including:

  • International travel and internships
  • Global problem-solving classes
  • Student exchange programs
  • International sports and fine arts jamborees

Together, these occasions create a rich tapestry of experiences that promote critical thinking, cultural literacy, and international friendships.

Interested in Attending at LMP?

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