Staff Directory

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First Name Last Name Location Jobs Title Email Address
Alison Alcobia Upper School Foreign Language - ESL
Doreen Alicea Upper School Social Sciences
Angel Arcelay Business Office Controller
Victoria Barton Middle School English
Cheryl Bauman Lower School Think Tank
Mary Anne Bender Staff Registrar
Kathleen Benefiel Admin Asst Dir Athletics
Aneta Blaszczyk Lower School Kindergarten
Chantal Bodkin-Clarke Upper School Biology
Gina Bortz Upper School Social Sciences
Bonnie Brewer Athletics Athletics Trainer
Megan Britt Lower School Second Grade
Lora Brooks Upper School Social Sciences
Kerrena Brown Lower School Kid Power / Summer Camp Activities Coordinator
Heather Burris Lower School Pre-K
Jeffrey Buyna Admin IT Director
William Carmichael Upper School Band Director
Zachary Carter Admin PE / Associate Athletic Director
Hong Yan Chao Upper School Foreign Lang- Chinese
Kathryn Corrie Upper School Drama
Brittainy Daiger Athletics Physical Education
Gabriella Davids Upper School Teacher
Frankie Delgado Facilities Director of Security, Safety and Transportation
Mara Delgado Admin Curriculum and PD Coordinator
Brandi Delvy Lower School Teacher's Aide - Pre-K
Kelly Dennis Lower School Pre-K
Robert Dolan Upper School Debate
Arleen Dowd Upper School English
Cortney Dowdle Admissions Asst Dir of International Recruitment / International College Counseling
Preston Emerton Upper School Head of School / Upper School Principal
Jenny Eshelman Staff Nurse-RN
Patricia Fiorentino Lower School Fourth Grade
Mark Frauendorfer Facilities Director of Maintenance
Debbie Gagnon Lower School Second Grade
Nadine Gorman Admin Human Resources Director / Exec Asst to Head of School
Susel Gutierrez Torres Upper School Foreign Language
Robert Hayes Athletics Physical Education
Brent Herold Upper School Mathematics
Christina Herold Lower School Fifth Grade
Lindsay Holter Upper School Teacher
Adam Jackson Facilities Maintenance Tech
Linda Jamison Business Office Accounts Pay Specialist
Christi Johnson Lower School First Grade
Randie Johnson Upper School Mathematics
Tedisha Johnson Admissions Marketing Admissions Specialist
Diane Karnbach Middle School Science
Kim Kraft Residential House Parent
David LaMarre Upper School Social Sciences
Ana Leahy Upper School Chemistry
Daisy Lopez Staff Receptionist
Rafael Lopez Staff Security Officer
Laura Maitland Lower School Pre-K
Carmen Mannino Staff Campus Store Manager
Halim Maouche Upper School Foreign Language
Kevin Marshburn Upper School TV Production - Film
Mario Martinez Upper School Robotics / Coding
Angel Nguyen Admissions Director Admissions
John Niven Upper School Social Sciences
Laura Nolan Lower School Learning Specialist
Andrea O'Neill Upper School Mathematics
Sean O'Neill Upper School Social Sciences
Emilia Odife Upper School Science
Lezlee Oliver-Crumpler Lower School Kid Power / Community School Director
Stephanie Peterkin Lower School Kindergartem
Cathy Petrazio Lower School Fourth Grade
Amy Petrousky Upper School Middle School Principal
Kimberley Price Lower School Media Specialist
Kathleen Pumphrey Lower School Administrative Assistant
Traci Reitz Upper School Fine Arts - Art
Marina Repp Upper School Mathematics
Julie Riddle Upper School English
Ainsley Robertson Admin School Counselor
Allison Roicki Lower School First Grade
Laura Romeo Business Office Accounts Receivable Spec
Martha Saavedra Lower School Teacher's Aide Pre-K
Ginger Schmaus Upper School English
Karly Shelton Lower School Art
Patricia Sinegal Upper School Foreign Language
Mark Sito Upper School Science
Emily Sitz Lower School Third Grade
Cynthia Siva Lower School Fifth Grade
Ana Sloan Lower School Spanish
Amanda Sneeringer Lower School Third Grade
Kim Stiles Lower School Fine Arts - Music
Christopher Swafford Upper School Fine Arts - Graphic Design
Allison Tate Upper School College Counselor
Justin Varitek Athletics Director Athletics
Lynna Varitek Lower School Lower School Principal
Chris Victory Residential House Parent
Ruth Yannes Facilities Maintenance

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