2nd Place at Science Fair

February 22, 2018

Each year our freshman class complete a science project as part of our Biology curriculum. This year we were happy that several of our students' projects were selected to showcase their projects the annual Seminole County Science Fair held February 3rd at the Seminole Towne Center Mall. During the fair Science teachers and administrators from various schools Seminole County critiqued and ranked each project entry.

We are very proud to announce that Lake Mary Prep freshman, Shea Flathman’s, project "Absorption of Sounds Waves" won 2nd place in the Physics category. Shea was honored last Wednesday evening at the Science Fair award ceremony held at Lyman High School.

Shea’s project answered the question: What different materials absorb sound waves of varying frequencies most effectively?

To answer her question, Shea chose six commonly used materials: drywall, laminate, tinfoil, cardboard, foam, and landscape fabrics. She insulated a cardboard box with foam and she put each test material in the middle of the box. She placed a phone on either side of the material- one phone that emitted a frequency and another phone that used a microphone to capture the leftover frequency.

After doing the experiment three times with three different frequencies each time, Shea determined that both the laminate and drywall emitted the most varying frequencies. Her experiment proved her hypothesis was partially correct as she believed drywall would emit the most.

We are so proud of Shea for her success and for representing our school with poise and grace at the fair and during the awards ceremony. Way to go Shea!


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