7 Ways to Keep Your Kid’s Mind Sharp Over the Summer

June 01, 2018

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Summer Break Should Still Involve Learning

With no reading, writing or lessons, it’s easy for your kids to get into a summer slump. Every morning during the break, they might wake up, eat a bowl of cereal and go straight to Netflix to watch TV or Snapchat to talk with their friends.

But it’s important for your kids to retain all the knowledge they worked so hard to learn the previous school year. To remember all their newly learned information they should keep their brains stimulated. If you’re in search of some ideas to do just that, here are seven fun ways to entertain and engage your children during the long summer break:  

Choose Something to Read

The best part about reading during the summer: your kids get to read what they want. If your kids are unsure what they’d enjoy reading, suggest genres or books to them. Whether it’s a novel, blog post or magazine article, reading will boost your child’s imagination and creativity.

Keep a Journal, Blog or Vlog

Writing or speaking out loud keeps your children’s brains working. If your child feels more comfortable writing out their thoughts, a journal or blog might be up their alley. On the other hand, if your child shines in front of the camera, a vlog (video blog) might better suit them.  

Play Critical Thinking Games

Play critical thinking games to sneak in some extra learning. You can show your children how to play Sudoku, chess or crossword puzzles. You can even plan a family game night and play Scrabble, Cranium or Monopoly (if you have a couple of hours, of course). 

Watch Informative Entertainment

Ditch Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel for a day and watch an interesting documentary, educational show or listen to an informative podcast in the car. You can choose a topic, like sports, culinary arts or environmental science, that interests your kids.

Go Outdoors

Whether it’s a bike ride around the neighborhood, a walk in the park or a hike on a nearby trail, make sure your kids get outside over the summer break. With the strong correlation between physical and mental health, going outdoors helps keep your kids’ minds moving.

Attend a Summer Camp

Take the pressure off of yourself and enroll your kids in a summer camp where they can play games and learn at the same time. Lake Mary Preparatory School offers many different day summer programs.

Rest and Relax

Oh, and don’t forget to get in some R&R in between. Have a great summer!


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