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July 02, 2019

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We know that getting a child ready for school can be hard work but the after school hours can be just as stressful. With nothing to do in those long hours between school and home, it can be tough to keep kids motivated through the week, as boredom is sure to creep up on them without warning. Here are some of our favorite Lake Mary after school activities to keep your kids going.

Champion Karate

Any parent knows that kids have a lot of energy - almost too much. Why not put all of that to good use by signing them up for a martial arts class? Champion Karate in Lake Mary offers martial arts skills training with courses available for kids, teens and adults alike. Looking for ways to keep your kids active after the school year ends? This dojo also offers a summer camp, allowing your kids to have fun throughout the year. From an entire body workout to learning self-discipline, martial arts is a great activity to keep your kids busy while also learning life-long health and social skills.

WB Equestrian

Have kids with a soft spot for animals? Or do they simply want to try something new and exciting? WB Equestrian is the perfect spot to experience horseback riding at its finest. Group and private lessons are available for ages six and up and the stables also sponsor a middle and high school level competition team. Students will be in good hands as all trainers have at least 10 years of experience and give personal feedback for growth opportunities. There is also a summer camp offered as well for ages six to 14.

MGA Gymnastics

Got an aspiring Olympic gymnast on your hands? Kids as young as 2 can participate in gym programs at MGA Gymnastics in Apopka. Classes are organized by age and skill level with instructors having over 20 years of experience. The after-school program is $25 a day/$70 a week and includes pick-up from school, structured lessons and healthy snacks and drinks. While group lessons and summer camps are available, advanced students can train to compete professionally as well.

The Art Studio of Lake Mary

Having a creative outlet is important in childhood and The Art Studio of Lake Mary aims to teach every child how cool art can be. After school programs include drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery and sewing lessons. Any and every craft is taught here with teachers who create a positive and supportive environment. In addition to the after-school programs, there is also the option of single classes, summer camps and birthday parties.

Focus Performing Arts Studio

If you have a child that loves to move, Focus Performing Arts Studio in Lake Mary is just the place for them! Ranging in classes from classic ballet to modern jazz to even hip hop, this studio offers a variety of dance lessons that are sure to keep kids entertained. The studio also has an in-house competition dance team that participants can train and audition for and instructors create a safe and encouraging learning environment. Not only will kids learn new dance moves, they also experience and use lifelong life skills, such as teamwork and confidence building.

Extreme Youth Sports

Looking for a program that includes everything under the sun? Lake Mary’s Extreme Youth Sports isn’t just about sports - they make sure your child has fun no matter what their interests are. All activities are included in tuition, which includes martial arts, dance, tumbling, indoor and outdoor sports, exercise drills and homework help. The center also offers free transportation from local schools and keeps your child safe and busy until you pick them up. Not in the area but still want to join? The center serves both the Lake Mary and Longwood areas.

Bach to Rock Lake Mary

Has your child ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Or be part of a rock band? Bach to Rock Lake Mary is a fully-equipped music studio offering piano, guitar and bass, drums, and brass and string lessons. There are also sound engineering courses available, for those who want to take their music knowledge to a more technical level. Lessons are offered in group or private settings and can even be recorded for students to listen to and improve upon. Instructors have over 20 years of experience and make music fun for all ages. Students also have the opportunity to join in “jam sessions” with others, making it a true rock n’ roll experience.

In addition, Lake Mary Prep also offers after-school activities for their students to enjoy. Students can choose from a variety of programs that are located on campus to help make their school experience fun and enriching. These are available for the Middle and Upper Division students.

Student Government

At Lake Mary Prep, middle school students have the opportunity to sharpen their political and social studies skills by participating in the Student Government Organization. Students learn and run all aspects of the electoral process, including campaigning, speech writing and delivering, developing platforms and discovering the issues among their peers and school where they could make a difference. The student body votes on candidates for positions and those elected have the opportunity to serve as leaders within the school.

Middle School Community Service

To help make a positive impact on themselves and within the neighborhood, Lake Mary Prep students are encouraged to volunteer and complete community service on and off campus. Lake Mary Prep places a great emphasis on the importance of volunteering in one’s community, and all the volunteer hours that students put forth to support their requirements for NJHS.

Quarterly Night Events

An easy way for students to meet and get to know each other are the Quarterly Night Events. Led by the Student Government Organization and voted on by the student body, activities such as bowling, roller skating, powder puff and dances can be chosen as that Quarter’s event night for students to attend. This is a great way to make new friends in a non-academic setting.

Debate Team

Since 2008, Lake Mary Preparatory School has boasted a competitive debate team. Participants can compete in a variety of categories such as Student Congress, extemporaneous speaking, original story, dramatic performance, oral interpretation of literature, Public Forum Debate and Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Students will earn public speaking and communication skills in an enriching and stimulating environment.

Clubs on Campus

There is no shortage of clubs at Lake Mary Prep. Whether their interests are in the arts, sciences, sports and everything in between, there is something for everyone. The clubs we offer to students change year-to-year depending on interests and availability and can include National Honor Society, Key Club, Drama Club, Student Government, Robotics and the #NeverAgain Coalition.


Learning to work with others and sportsmanship are critical skills for students to obtain and what better way to do so than participating in our athletics program? We offer certain sports by season, making sure students have the option to play all year long. For Fall, we offer Bowling, Boys Flag Football, Golf, Cross-Country, Swimming and Girls Volleyball. For Winter, we offer Basketball, Soccer and Girls Weightlifting. And for Spring, we offer Archery, Baseball, Girls Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field and Boys Weightlifting.

When the last school bell rings, the last thing you want to worry about is what your child is going to do in the afternoon. We know the after-school afternoons can seem long, but with a variety of after-school programs at your disposal, it won’t be hard to keep your child safe and happy till dinnertime.


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