How Private School Can Change Your Child’s Future

October 11, 2018

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Education plays an important role when it comes to your child’s future and it’s crucial to choose an all-encompassing educational program that prepares your child for young adulthood. Recently, more parents have made a shift toward private education for their children. Here’s why.

Benefits of Private Education

Private education has several proven benefits in comparison with public school—the biggest being the staff’s dedication. Private schools hire well-trained and passionate educators that want to invest in your child’s education. A 2007 study showed that 97% of parents chose private school for its dedicated teaching staff.

In addition to passionate teachers, prep schools also offer an environment that promotes education and wellbeing. Aside from the teacher’s care about providing a good education, parents and other students within the school also share similar values.

Future preparation is the main goal of private preparatory schools—they want to develop students into critical and professional thinkers. This is often done through rigorous classes, high-level writing and student growth. Many schools post their academic plan to get your child ready for their future, and Lake Mary Prep is no exception. When researching what education option may be best for your child and values, consider the following benefits from private schools.

Private Lower School Education

Private education is not just for high school. Elementary students enrolled in a prep school setting can get the foundation for a strong educational future.

Elementary or lower school students at Lake Mary Prep have the benefit of smaller class sizes. With smaller class sizes and fewer students per teacher, each child can have an individual experience and specific attention geared toward their skills. Lake Mary Prep takes it a step further with their Children’s Progress Academic Assessment, which develops unique goals and content-based skills for each child.

Private Middle School Education

Middle school is an important time in a student’s life. Many programs that will become fundamental for your child’s future begin in middle school, such as becoming a digital citizen.

Digital citizenship means understanding the uses and responsibilities of modern technology. Private schools know the importance of incorporating digital citizenship into the curriculum, as it is essential to future education and careers. Many private institutions, including Lake Mary Prep, have done this by incorporating iPads or tablets into traditional learning. Lake Mary Prep also introduced Makerspace where students learn about computer programming, robotics and engineering along with traditional arts and crafts.   

In addition to digital citizens, an emphasis on global citizenship promotes students to be aware and active in the community and culture. Private middle school is often a student’s first opportunity to travel and learn through class trips. Many 8th grade classes travel to Washington D.C. to learn about government or can be a part of student government for the first time. Lake Mary Prep encourages 8th grade students to explore wildlife and the historic aspect of our country by offering a trip to Virginia for an experience-filled getaway with everything from guided tours to outdoor excursions. 

This focus on global and digital citizenship can put private students ahead of the curve when it comes to academic success and being an aware and informed future adult.

Private Compared to Public

Understanding how private school can help your child’s future will allow you to make an educated decision on which school is best for your child. If you’d like to know more, visit our academics page for more information about our programs.


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