Unexpected Items You Should Pack for College

July 09, 2018

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10 Things Nobody Told You to Bring to College

With summer coming to an end, and your first day of college right around the corner, you’ve probably started creating a mental checklist for the big moving day.

Summer clothes, winter clothes, a bed cover and sheets, school supplies and books might sit at the top of your list, but if you’ve never been to college, how do you know exactly what to bring? You’ve got the basics down, and now we’re giving you a list of the essentials nobody told you to pack for college.

Essential Items to Pack for College


With four to six classes on your schedule, you’re going to have a ton of books. Rather than stack them on top of your desk, place them neatly upright with a handy bookend.

Electric kettle

Cramming in a quick breakfast before that 8:30 a.m. class? Make oatmeal to take on the way. Looking for a late-night snack at midnight? Whip up a batch of ramen noodles. With an electric kettle, you can make meals, snacks and drinks all from your dorm room.

Filtered pitcher

Rather than carrying heavy packages of bottled waters from your car into your dorm room every month, invest in a filtered pitcher to keep in your mini fridge. It’s better for the environment, too!

Ear plugs and a sleep mask

You might be in bed by midnight for an early morning class, but your roommate might be getting home at 3 a.m. from a late night of studying at the library. Ear plugs and a sleep mask will keep you sound asleep even with your neighbor’s bright phone flashlight and rummaging to get into bed.

Shower shoes and bathrobe

With community showers come a lot of germs, and shower shoes will help you safely stay away from them. On top of that, it might be a little difficult walking back to your room with your soaps and loofah in hand and a bath towel covering you. A bathrobe instead of a towel lets you comfortably (and safely) get back to your room.

Extension cords and power strips

If you’re staying in an older dorm room, there definitely won’t be enough outlets for you and your roommate. With extension cords and power strips, you and your roommate can plug in chargers, lamps, TVs, Xboxes, hair dryers, straighteners and all the above.

Mattress topper

A lousy mattress can lead to back pains and trouble sleeping at night, which can create problems with studying for classes and exams. But an egg crate foam topper will prevent this little run in for you.

Laundry bag

Your room might be on the 5th floor, and the laundry room might be on the ground floor. Rather than lugging your hamper down five floors or awkwardly carrying a laundry basket, you can carry your clothes over your shoulder or on your back in a laundry bag.

First aid kit

You’ll forget about your mom’s endless supply of Band-Aids and Neosporin until you get your first cut or blister in college. Buy a first aid kit so you don’t have to run to the store late at night for a single Band-Aid for that one cut.  

Full-length mirror

Whether you’re getting ready for a night out or preparing for your first big interview, you’ll need to bring along a full-length mirror to see your outfit from head to toe.

Now with your basics and essentials down, it’s time to get out the suitcases and boxes and start packing for your first day as an independent college student. 


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