Lake Mary Prep Celebrates 20th Anniversary

February 12, 2019

20th Anniversary Lake Mary Prep

Students of Lake Mary Prep are celebrating milestones every day. Whether it’s achieving honor roll for the first time or a senior’s celebratory walk across the graduation stage, we take pride in every step it takes to further an enriching and welcoming learning experience for our students.

This year, Lake Mary Prep is celebrating a milestone of our own – our 20th anniversary. We’re taking the time to reflect on our accomplishments in the past 20 years while anticipating what the next 20 years may hold. With 525 current students and an additional 150 students who joined the Lake Mary Prep family this year, we are proud to share some of the highlights that brought us to where we are today.

Providing Exceptional Programs from Lower to Upper School

Lake Mary Prep strives to keep students challenged through state-of-the-art teaching styles and intimate learning groups that give each student the proper attention he or she needs to exceed in not only school but in every aspect of life. From Pre-K to 12th grade, we’ve incorporated skills that will contribute to our students’ success in college and their future careers. We prioritize critical thinking, complex problem-solving and high-order reasoning in our lesson plans to create a learning style that has differentiated our school the past 20 years and ultimately expanded our Lake Mary Prep family to the size it is today.

Day Summer Programs

Throughout the years, we’ve structured fun and stimulating day summer programs for students from Pre-K to 5th grade. Our nine-week summer programs are exciting and full of unforgettable experiences that keep children engaged and challenged. With programs ranging from academics, arts, athletics and international, students can drive their passions and interests through the summer season.

Connecting Internationally to Enrich the Learning Experience

Our growth throughout the years has allowed us to offer our students all-encompassing opportunities that are incomparable, such as international travel and internships, global problem-solving classes, student exchange programs, international sports, and fine arts jamborees. Lake Mary Prep welcomes a melting pot of nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities and with our efforts over the years, what seemed to be a far-fetched goal of introducing students to international travels has now become achievable with the support of our students, staff and community.

Raising Leaders in Our Community

We find inspiration in our Lake Mary Prep family and without them, we couldn’t provide the exceptional learning experience we do today. We value the diversity of our students, the vision of our founder and most importantly, the potential of the next 20 years. Our priority is in our students, and our goal is to help them exercise leadership in not only school, but also in the community and world.


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