LMP Closed Remainder of School Year but Plans to Re-Open Aug. 2020

March 14, 2020


Dear LMP Community,
As we enter into week #2 of our Distance Learning Plan (DLP) and week #???? of this unprecedented, worldwide health pandemic and economic, social and political crisis, I would like to once again thank our staff, our parents and our students for their unconditional commitment, dedication, patience, and HOPE! 
We will follow the guidelines of the Florida Commissioner of Education and be extending our DLP to May 1.  As we approach that date we will keep you informed of further actions.
Some questions have emerged in these two weeks that relate to the DLP and how it works, how often students should be in front of screens, how often they should be in “live” sessions, etc. Please know that for the past month we have been researching best practices, reviewing strategies with other schools around the world, checking with specialists from online and distance learning platforms and organizations, and aligning all of this research with developmentally appropriate strategies for teaching and learning for all students and teachers from Nursery through High School. Please also understand that this is new for all of us and we will be the first ones to make adjustments to our plans as we learn from our own experiences and the input from our stakeholders. No matter what, and as always, we will continue to place a priority on what is best for children and adolescents and their growth, learning, and wellbeing. As I have asked in the past, please trust that we are doing what we feel is best for your children as we adapt to our “new normal.”  
As we work through the changes and interruptions that all of us are facing in our daily lives I am reminded of some lessons I have learned from John Maxwell, a famous author who speaks of leadership in times of crisis. Mr. Maxwell speaks about “feeding your faith (hope), and starving your fears.” I was also reminded that we should always look for ways to make the best out of the worst, and always try to see a crisis as an opportunity for growth and learning. Mr. Maxwell speaks often about how we should use a positive perspective to take advantage of current adversities and difficulties.  He says the following about the benefits of a crisis: 
  • A crisis makes you do the things you wouldn't normally do.
  • A crisis increases your focus and helps you eliminate things that are not a priority. 
  • A crisis identifies leaders. 
  • A crisis moves you from your “comfort” zone to your “creative” zone. 
Mr. Maxwell also speaks about being “intentional” with things that make a difference; intentional with your personal time, family time, “catch-up” time, “added value” time, faith time, and thinking time.  I encourage our entire LMP community to think of this “new normal” as an opportunity to prioritize what is important to you as a person, as a parent, as a professional, as an educator, and as an open-minded, caring, global citizen. 
With that in mind, I would like you to consider this:  there is a member of the greater LMP community, Katie Mullins, who is a respiratory therapist at one of the largest hospitals in Central Florida. She works for the community hospital Orlando Regional Medical Hospital.  She is asking that we help support our front line defenders of this COVID-19 virus. 
Respiratory therapists perform direct care to this population. They do various things from breathing treatments, ventilator management,  life support, and end of life care with these patients. This is a very underestimated and overlooked important department.  Ms. Mullins and her LMP 3rd-grade daughter Emilie are asking that we send out "hearts of encouragement"  to these front line workers. These RT's are making global news because of COVID-19 and they really need our support. They risk their own lives as well as those of their friends and families.
I am asking to please send a "heart of encouragement" using the following link entitled: LMP Lets Healthcare Professionals Know We Care!
Thank you and please be safe.
Jack Delman


Dear Parents,
As recently announced by Governor DeSantis, schools in Florida will remain closed until April 15.  LMP will follow that directive.  

Earlier today I sent out to parents a communication that had numerous attachments.  They are important to read as they explain our e-Learning Plan.  Please look at them and go over them with your sons and daughters. 
Further clarification, however, is required regarding student/parent training on Tuesday, March 24th. These sessions are all remote sessions for you to attend from home.  We have stopped any kind of group congregations on campus until further notice. 

March 14th Announcement:

Dear Parents,

Following suit with the directives of the Florida Department of Education, LMP will close its campus to students through March 27th. Unless you receive further communication changing that date, we will resume classes on campus Monday, March 30th.

We will be initiating eLearning the week of March 23rd. Here is our plan for the week:

Monday, March 23rd - Teacher Professional Development Day (perfecting eLearning)

Tuesday, March 24th - Required Student and Parent remote eLearning training // Teacher eLearning planning day

All activities, including athletics, are canceled through March 28th.

Changes are occurring on a daily basis so please stay tuned for further communications from us. Please follow the school's Facebook page for updates.


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