Remembering a Fallen Griffin

May 15, 2018

On May 2nd, 2018, Nina Karlinsky, alumnus of Lake Mary Preparatory School lost her battle with cancer. As Valedictorian of the Class of 2016, Nina made an impact on teachers, classmates, and underclassmen. She was a member of the soccer team and lacrosse team, an outstanding AP student, and all-around great friend. 

"During her senior year at LMP Nina would do homework and study in my classroom during my plan period. She always had the highest expectations for herself and for everyone around her. [You] definitely could never get anything past her! Her humor was second to none, sharp, and smart. Neither of us got much done during that time we had together, but it was definitely time that will be forever treasured. She made all of us better, students and teachers alike", says Amanda Bumgarner, former teacher at LMP. 

Current seniors speak so highly of her regarding her humor and quick wit. "She would always put a smile on your face and enjoy the most out of every moment. She knew how to have fun, even in the most serious moments" states Senior Reena Sharma. 

Finally, a sincere speech given at the GRFY's award ceremony by Coach/Mr. Delgado, Dean of Students: "Many will say that Nina lost her battle, but those that know Nina would tell you that she got beat, because Nina Karlinsky doesn't lose".

The LMP community is deeply saddened and affected by this news, but we remain inspired by Nina and the legacy she leaves. Her cheerful spirit, determination, and willingness to fundraise and support others will not be forgotten. 



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