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May 15, 2019

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It can be hard to find events that combine education and entertainment in a teenager’s summer break, so we’ve come up with a way to give your student the best of both. The Lake Mary Prep Summer of Fun 2019 is a bundle of activities that stretch over the entire summer to offer teens and pre-teens a place to keep their academics, athletics and interests engaged.

Here are some of our top picks for Lake Mary Prep summer camp activities that will keep your student busy without busy work.


Perfect for students entering 4th – 8th grade

We always want students to hit the right marks in school, so we brought the same principle to summer camp. Our archery camp divides students into groups based on their skill level to allow each camper to get the right level of attention.

Coach Wisherd will be leading students through the archery camp, focusing on several fundamentals including stance, setup, anchor points and release. To wrap up this new and exciting challenge for students, awards will be handed out based on factors such as accuracy and improvement.

“Write Start”

Perfect for students entering 6th – 8th grade

Lead by Cynthia Siva, a writing consultant and Co-Director of the National Writing Project, the Write Start camp will allow students to practice and sharpen their writing skills before returning to school.

During the week, campers will focus on writing in different genres and learning how to improve their writing process. This is the ultimate camp to help middle school students get a head start that will guide them through the rest of the year.

Yoga and Mindfulness Camp

Perfect for students entering 6th – 8th grade

It’s never too early to teach students about practicing mindfulness, which is exactly what this Lake Mary Prep camp was founded on. This camp will provide middle school students with strategies to use through summer and beyond to promote health and happiness.

Each day of camp will begin with breathing exercises to sharpen focus, and students will be taught how to use them throughout their day as needed. Students will also learn how to practice yoga poses to develop strength, flexibility and balance. Practicing mindfulness doesn’t always have to involve meditative reflection, so our camp features a mixture of crafts and activities to encourage wellness in every student.

Middle School Boot Camp

Perfect for students entering 6th – 8th grade

The Lake Mary Prep Middle School Boot Camp is the perfect place to help students adjust to the transition from 5th to 6th grade, or help 7th and 8th graders to maintain their academic and social progress. This class will present students with a compilation of lessons and activities to guide students to understand their learning styles.

This camp provides a fun and interactive way for middle school students to learn how to utilize their personal strengths and apply them for the upcoming school year. Some of our boot camp topics include learning styles, goal setting and organization, cognitive skills, time and stress management, and test preparation.

Arts on Location

Perfect for students entering 6th – 12th grade

This weeklong creative camp takes students around Central Florida to capture scenery and study art on location. Students will explore different types of artistic styles such as impressionism, pop art and modern art.

Your teen will be able to create art of their own using various mediums such as photography, acrylics and sketching. At the end of the week, students will be able to showcase their education and artwork to family and friends.

Biology Breakout

Perfect for students entering 8th – 12th grade

Science doesn’t have to be taught exclusively from a textbook, which is why we’ve developed our Biology Breakout camp for teens. Students will be exposed to fun, exciting and interactive biology games that follow the Breakout Room game format model. Each day of the camp will feature a different breakout activity that includes teamwork, out-of-the-box thinking and problems solving puzzles.

The second component of the camp allows students to journey through the scientific method with hands-on experience. Participants will be guided to formulate their own hypothesis on a microbiology concept, perform an experiment to test their hypothesis and present their scientific findings on a poster format.

RO-LU Road to College Application Camp

Perfect for students entering 12th grade

Offered in two sessions, this camp allows students to build and customize a list of schools that they are interested in pursuing. Students will also learn how to create a resume, create a college application organizer and take part in mock interviews to practice and prepare for the college application process.

Students will become familiar with college essay topics, complete the common and coalition application and learn more about Navigate Naviance–a career and college readiness program. This camp also prepares students for how to navigate their financial aid, Bright Futures and other scholarships.

No matter where your student is in their academic career, there’s a place for them at Lake Mary Prep this summer. For more information on our 2019 Summer of Fun, click here.

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