Nearby Private Schools: The Benefits of Private Education

March 12, 2020

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Choosing the right school for your child is more than just comparing school ratings. It should propose the question: What life skills will my child take away upon graduation, and how much will it contribute to their college readiness?

Private schools take great pride in their concerted efforts in helping students reach every goal, from academic to extracurricular. That’s why more and more parents are looking to private schools to ensure the best outcome from their child’s grade-school experience. So, when you’re ready to search nearby private schools in your area, consider these benefits that will put your child one step ahead of public-school graduates.

Smaller Class Sizes

While public schools are generally at capacity, private schools have made it a standard to prioritize small class sizes for more personalized learning experiences. These smaller class sizes enable teachers to give students individualized attention and encourage better productivity and less rebellious behavior. Teachers then have the opportunity to understand the learning behaviors of each student and personalize lessons for better retention. This personal attention, in return, instils confidence in students and motivates them to get involved outside of the classrooms, whether it means enrolling on the debate team or trying out for a sport.

Academic Excellence

With smaller class sizes comes higher GPAs, better SAT scores, and more college acceptance rates. Recent studies show that high school graduates from private schools scored 3.1 points higher on the ACT than public school graduates and have higher college acceptance rates.

Teachers in private schools also have a higher percentage of master’s degrees, bringing more experience and dedication to the table while creating a stress-free environment for academic excellence. This trend allows students to choose the path that best suits their learning techniques and education goals. The more in-depth expertise available also allows for students to choose from more diverse educational courses and programs.

Parent Involvement

Families that value quality education for their children tend to be more committed to helping their students excel by getting involved themselves. From fundraisers and after-school activities to field trips and parent-teacher meetings, parents of private-school students tend to stay in the know with all things school-related. Parent involvement also helps teachers understand the upbringing of each student and in turn, helps them formulate lessons based on this background information. Plus, this gives parents the benefit of networking with fellow parent volunteers in their area.

School Security

School safety and security have gained vast attention nationwide in recent years and has become one of the top reasons why parents choose private schools over public. The integration of high-tech security systems and sizeable onsite security teams ensure that screening everyone before entering campus grounds is commonplace. Safety precautions are high on the priority list for private schools. Many private schools have implemented systems as extensive as thorough emergency drills, security cameras, automated lock systems, and photo ID cards for building access.

Extracurricular activities

Academics is the focal point of private schools, but extracurricular activities follow as a close second. While some may think extracurricular involvement takes away from the quality of academic performance, studies prove the opposite. Students who participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, arts, or music, tend to have higher grades and better attitudes toward school and their educational aspirations. Stanford University reports that students involved in arts are three times more likely to win school attendance awards over the average student. Plus, school involvement makes a great addition to resumes for college preparation.

Raising the Children of Tomorrow

Private schools challenge their students beyond the surface to provide them with the skills to take on more than just a science project or a championship game. They prepare them to embark on the journey of life with confidence. Here at Lake Mary Prep, we encourage students to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. During their time as a student, they will learn to set goals, manage time, problem solve, and so much more. Our goal is to instill passion in our students so that they’re motivated every day to set new goals and conquer them.

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