The Unique Benefits of a STEAM Education

November 06, 2018

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What Exactly is a STEAM Education?

Although STEM and STEAM are just a letter apart, that extra “A” can make a world of difference. STEM education uses an interdisciplinary approach to teach students about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, while STEAM education goes one step further to include the arts as well.

But STEAM wasn’t created with just school lessons in mind. It is a process, not just a handful of advanced classes. STEAM education was designed to instill skills and habits that last a lifetime, including advanced reasoning and clear communication. Here’s a look at the benefits a STEAM curriculum offers and Lake Mary Prep’s approach.

Promotes Creative Problem Solving

A STEAM approach to education is revolutionary in that it captures and applies a key part of children’s thinking: their curiosity. Rather than asking students to simply solve a problem, STEAM motivates them to ask questions to develop a creative solution.

STEAM asks students to use critical thinking skills to combine their knowledge when tackling any issue, rather than to look at a problem as just one subject. Traditionally, students are taught to tackle a problem for the sake of finding a correct answer. STEAM encourages students to look at the bigger picture and question their reasoning.

Prepares Students for Future Careers

Technology has made business global. STEAM was created to help prepare students adapt to the corporate world as it becomes more connected.

STEAM education doesn’t just ask students to think differently, it prepares them for careers in any field by teaching them how to clearly communicate ideas. It requires students to constantly be curious and engaged, building lifelong work habits and leading them to become innovative decision makers.

And while there is no definite way to ensure a fulfilling education and secure career for your child, STEAM education helps set your student apart from others and equips them with tools to look at situations differently from their peers.

The Benefits of STEAM at Lake Mary Prep

At Lake Mary Prep, STEAM begins early in students’ education, building a strong foundation for both inside and outside the classroom. We also understand the importance of technology in both education and work, which is why we strongly believe in integrating it into the classroom through the STEAM initiative.

In our Think Tank classroom, STEAM instructors are able to address both the needs and wants of students by encouraging them to use tools that range from modeling software to LEGOs.

Our Makerspace allows students to practice what they’ve learned and analyze new subjects with devices ranging from microscopes to lasers. Using different types of technology helps kids solve problems in different ways and get comfortable learning new tools.

Our Innovation Lab and Bring Your Own Device programs were specially designed to show students how their education can be helpful beyond class. Kids are given the ability to conduct experiments outside of the classroom, which helps them to use their knowledge in real-world situations.

These programs are just a few of the ways we’ve incorporated the STEAM curriculum at Lake Mary Prep. Find out more about the STEAM initiative at our school and how it can benefit your kids.


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