Why Should You Attend an Open House

May 14, 2020

Finding the right school for your children can be overwhelming.  You can choose from a roster of equally competitive schools and end up more confused. Fortunately, schools are keen on helping you make a sound and wise decision.

If you are aiming to enroll in a private school, one of the first events that you would probably encounter is an Open House. Most private educational institutions will invite prospective families for an Open House where they get to see and learn more about the school through:

  • Organized campus tours
  • Detailed orientations on the background and philosophies of the school as well as other service-related matters, and
  • Open forum for inquiries

Generally, it will provide plenty of information and a wider perspective on how the school fits with your personal preference and needs. Administrators and faculty members will provide a chance to answer your questions about matters of school practices and services.

Here are 3 benefits of attending an Open House:


Check the school facilities

Most private schools take pride in the convenience and conduciveness of their classrooms and facilities. For most families, they regard this as one of their criteria for pursuing enrolment. It is important to consider, however, that some learners require specific facilities that would complement their intelligence type or strength such as athletes who would absolutely prioritize schools with the available sports facilities.

Classroom spaces along with the structural integrity and features of the academic buildings, cafeteria, library, and many others can greatly affect the safety and learning quality of the students.


Learn about the school system

 Through the open house, you will get to understand the learning approaches and educational strategies the school adapts. You will be exposed to the school’s curriculum and how they handle parent-teacher conferences. 

Some families also take this chance to get to know the teachers, including their credentials and how well they are in other aspects of education such as classroom management. All this information, along with other operational practices of the school, are covered during the Open House. 

Learn about the school’s culture

 Schools, in general, may partially share curriculum and wide-ranging education practices but each will have a distinct feature in its culture. The values, beliefs, and levels of interaction among students, teachers, and the extended community determine not only the learning approaches the students can undergo but more importantly the kind of life they will experience.

  Generally, a positive school culture encompasses the physical and emotional safety of the learners along with equitable opportunities for them to express their talents and creativity and develop hard and soft skills leading towards holistic growth.


Questions you can ask during an Open House

Certainly, your doubts about the school can be eased up by gaining some clear points and answers on critical aspects of education. Here are examples of questions you can raise to better understand the nature and competence of the school.

  1. Has there any occurrence of discrimination and any forms of bullying in the school? How do the teachers and administrators handle it?
  2. What enrichment programs or extra-curricular activities are available for the students?
  3. How are competencies, including technical skills assessed or graded?
  4. What are the core values of the school that the student can positively adopt?
  5. How does the curriculum relate the lesson to real-life applications?
  6. How do teachers differentiate their strategies and approaches based on learning styles?
  7. How does the school provide a conducive environment for learning?
  8. How do teachers encourage students to embrace creativity or develop critical thinking?
  9. How does the school cope up with technological advancement in education?
  10. Are there any distance learning programs established and/or available for students?

What is a Virtual Open House?

As we continue to practice social distancing, naturally, schools are inclined to take their Open House into the virtual platform.  A Virtual Open House only differs on its traditional counterpart in the sense that it occurs in the comfort of your homes and the efficiency of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Without physically going to the school, you still get to look into the facilities via a virtual campus tour, ask questions, and undergo the orientation offered by your potential school choice.


Don’t let the opportunities offered through Open House slip away. You might just miss a highly potential school that will nurture and provide the total development that your child needs. Sign up for our latest virtual open house here.


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