Music Overview

Please see our resources below to learn more about Lake Mary Preparatory School's many opportunities to participate in musical programs and activities.

Lower School Music Program

PreK 3 and 4 through Kindergarten:

These classes explore general music principles through the “9 National Music Standards.” These include singing, playing instruments, creating and evaluating music, and connecting the other arts through movement. The students explore instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingle bells, hand drums, shakers, Boomwackers, and xylophones through a variety of activities. PreK meets once per week, while Kindergarten is twice per week. They perform a minimum of four concerts per year in conjunction with the other grade levels.

First through Third Grade Music:

Each class period is divided into two parts: rhythm and aural training followed by violin and vocal performance. First Grade students focus on learning proper beginning violin technique and pitch matching skills. Progressing into Second Grade, students solidify their bow technique and strengthen general musicianship. Finally, in third grade, students continue their violin studies as well as explore the options for future years. This includes more music theory training and exposure to other instruments. First through Third Grade students meet twice per week and perform a minimum of four concerts per year in conjunction with the other grade levels.

Fourth and Fifth Grade Music:

Students in Fourth and Fifth Grade are given the option of continuing with string instruments or switching to band. If they choose to continue with string instruments, they may expand their selection from violin to include the other members of an orchestra (viola, cello, or bass). If students choose to switch to band, they must choose from traditional band instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, or percussion (limited spaces available). Students meet twice a week and rehearse out of their method book. Both orchestra and band students at this level are asked to practice 90 minutes per week to maximize instruction time in the classroom. Fourth and Fifth Grade orchestra and band perform a minimum of four concerts throughout the year. Two of the four concerts involve the other Performing Art disciplines.

Middle & Upper School Music Program

Orchestra Program:

The Middle & Upper School String Ensemble is a group of students continuing to pursue their interest in traditional orchestral music. This is a class that is offered as part of the regular curriculum, and serves as a class period. Students within the middle and upper school with any varying experience level may join. 

Band Program:

The Lake Mary Preparatory School Band Program is made up of several ensembles the Symphonic Band, the LMP Jazz Ensemble, the Pep Band and the GN7 "Rock Band". The Lake Mary Preparatory School Symphonic Band is comprised of students from grades Six through Twelve. The band curriculum incorporates music education concepts through performance in band to cultivate well-rounded musicians and to develop an appreciation of all types of music and performing ensembles. The GN7 Rock Band is comprised of high school students that are talented in 'non-traditional' instruments, such as electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, and keyboard. 

The Symphonic Band rehearses every day during school hours as a class period. They perform four major concerts per school year. The Pep Band performs in the fall during football season, while Symphonic Band and the Jazz Ensemble continue throughout the school year. In the Jazz Ensemble, students may choose to learn other instruments outside of band instruction time to complete the proper instrumentation (i.e., guitar, bass, piano, etc.). The Jazz Ensemble meets twice a week after school and performs traditional jazz repertoire. In order for students to be involved in some of the additional instrumental performance groups they must be a member of the Symphonic Band.


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