How to Apply

Our goal is to enroll students who will benefit from the programs offered at Lake Mary Preparatory School and who will contribute to the school community.

While selecting students, we look for evidence of age-appropriate academic ability, motivation, interests, and potential for personal growth.

Application deadlines and procedures vary by grade level. See below for the steps to apply:

1. Inquiry / Application

  1. Complete the “Lake Mary Preparatory School Inquiry Form”.

  2. Once you have completed the Inquiry form a member of our team will process your Inquiry. 

    1. Processing your inquiry includes setting up your account in our internal system “Griffin Connect”. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing after hours and on the weekends.

  3. We will assign you a username. Which will be the email address you used to complete the inquiry form.

  4. Go to 

  5. Click "Forgot Login/First Time Login".

  6. You will enter your email address and select the Password option.

  7. You will then receive an email from the system with a temporary password. Follow the instructions in your email to access your account.

    1. Minimum password length of at least 8 alphanumeric characters (must include 1 number)
    2. The new password may not be the same as any of the last 3 passwords used
  8. If you have any questions or issues logging into your account please contact us at 407-805-0095 or send an email to

2.  Once you login you will be able to view your assigned Admissions Checklist. Your checklist details the required documents that will need to be uploaded for an admissions decision.

3.  After the application process has been completed the applicant will receive a decision; if accepted a tuition agreement is issued to the family.

Tuition and Financial Assistance

Tuition and all applicable fees must be paid upon enrollment. Please see our Tuition and Financial Assistance page for more information.

*Please note: Lake Mary Preparatory School will continue to accept applications for admission after all deadlines, and will place accepted students on a waiting list for new openings.

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